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Today I launch a new web hosting provider knows as ZIRA Hosting based on the experiences that I have gathered around 8 years. ZIRA hosting is equipped with one-of-a-kind distributed backup solution to keep backups of our customers websites safely. In ZIRA Hosting only limited number of accounts will be added to a single server to provide good web hosting experience to our users.

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Some distinguishable features of ZIRA Hosting are as follows,

Customer Support

We believe providing superior customer support is key to our success. Our customer support is not just limited before purchasing hosting, but we’ll still be with you after joining to our hosting family. We never contact our customers via Bots. We provide TRUE technical supports and services via LiveChat, Tickets at any time and we try our best to attend to all our customers’ needs and provide outstanding support and services as soon as possible.

Domains to the market price

Domains registration is done via our partnership programs. We never keep a commission for us in domain registration. Therefore our prices will be unbeatable with any other domain provider outside.

You can view our domain pricing for different TLDs at,


At the moment .com domain pricing is at $8.99 per year. Order your .com domain now with us!!

Cost per GB

We charge only for the SSD disk space that you are willing to use. All our hosting packages are created so that, cost per GB is $1.


If the space of pre-defined packages is not enough for you, you can always contact us via LiveChat at our website or Submit-a-Ticket and let us know your requirements. We can provide a customized package which suits you.

Although from our customers’ perspective, it seems like it costs $1 for a single GB, in reality, we allocate 1GB + 1GB + 10 GB per $1 for a customer, to facilitate high redundancy data backups.

This simply highlights that we’ll allocate at most 12GB of space for customers’ $1. This extra 11 GB is there to give high redundancy for customers’ data-backups and have an assurance that there won’t be any data-loss even in a case where our entire datacenter burns-down

Distributed Backup Solution

This is a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art backup solution in the world, and to the best of our knowledge, only we, ZIRA Hosting provide such a backup solution. We maintain onsite backups, off-site backups as well as distributed backups throughout the globe in an encrypted manner.

Note that we have planned this kind of backup solution to be ready for a worst-case scenario.

We’ll explain our backup solution using a small example.

Let assume, there is a happy ZIRA Hosting customer SAM. The size of SAMs’ website is 1GB.

As an onsite backup, we keep an exact backup copy of SAMs’ website at a different (protected) location of the same datacenter in case SAM requests us to restore his site from an existing backup with us.

So onsite backups are there for the quick provision of restoration service for our customers.

Additionally, we maintain another backup copy of the SAMs’ website, in another datacenter, which is geographically separated from the initial datacenter. This backup is maintained in a case, where there is physical damage (maybe caught in fire) to our main datacenter. In such a case we can still keep our customers’ website safe in this offsite backup location.

What if, some unfortunate event happens to this offsite backup location too? This is where the distributed backup system comes into action.

Under distributed backups, we divide SAMs’ 1GB backup into 3 segments, and store 10 copies of each segment at different locations, we called them “Nodes”, in the globe. This happens in an encrypted manner so you don’t have to worry about the security of your files. So basically a single backup is stored at 30 Nodes which is geographically separated and distributed throughout the globe. The good news is, only 3 Nodes related to the initial 3 backup segments have to be alive to regenerate the initial backup. By such a mechanism, we try to guarantee that there is no loss in the websites of our customers.

If we have backups, we can always re-install the websites within 24-72 hours in case of an unfortunate situation.

If you have any question regarding ZIRA Hosting, you can place a comment or contact us via https://my.zirahosting.com/contact.php

We warmly welcome you to join our ZIRA Hosting family……..

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